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Air-cleaning and gas-cleaning. Industrial and domestic air-purifiers. Ozonators.

We will try to crack your problems in an optimal way.


Research- and- production company "Vozdukhoochistka" LLC in Saint- Petersburg works up, makes and introduces electro-technical and chemical equipment for solving your ecological problems.

Employees of our company have engaged in air-cleaning and air-deodorization more then 15 years. We use only progressive and advanced methods in our purifying plants such as sorption, ozone-catalytic, thermo- catalytic, plasma-catalytic and sorption-plasma-catalytic.

In most cases, the high degree of the air - cleaning from air pollutants can be achieved as a result of using Patent No:2066292. The author and possessor of this Patent is director - general of company "Vozdukhoochistka" LLC, Mr. Tsipkin.

We choose purifying technology and appropriate equipment for every customer - enterprise in individual way. We have compact mobile air - purifying plant, which help us to select optimal unit of equipment and to demonstrate its working depends on air - cleaning technology you are going to use at your manufacturing. Exterior accredit analytic laboratory gives out independent results of air - testing before and after purification. Then we conclude the vendor contract of full - scale air - purifying plant with our customer.

"Vozdukhoochistka" LLC - Sphere of action:

  • Air - purifying plants. Industrial air - purifiers.
  • Gas - purifying. Industrial gas - purifiers.
  • Energy - saving technologies.
  • Designing, manufacturing, delivering and assembling of purifying equipment for ventilation and condition systems.
  • Carrying out research efforts and development projects for perfection new methods of air - purifying.

We are ready:

  • To deliver our purifying equipment for your enterprise in 2 or 3 months.
  • To select and to produce appropriate gas - purifying equipment based on criterions "cost / purification efficiency" and "cost / operating costs".
  • To demonstrate our compact mobile air - purifying plant at your manufacture and to give out independent results of air - testing before and after purification made by exterior accredit analytic laboratory.
  • To give a guarantee for our purifying equipment in a year (or in 3 years if you pay in addition 10% cost of equipment).
  • To conclude the treaty with your Company for servicing our purifying equipment after expiry of its guarantee.
  • To inform you about the suppliers of mainstreams devices.
  • To instruct the staff of your Company in servicing our purifying equipment after expiry of its guarantee. All the utilities of our purifying equipment are maintainable or mainstream devices.
  • To guarantee Patent defense of our inventions which are used in your purification plants from other patent holders.
  • To design and to produce special purifying equipment if you have some overall or others limitations (additional value - 5% cost of common hardware).
  • In case of non-compliance treaty obligations for our part, we'll recover your money.
  • To conclude the treaty with your Company for delivery of our purifying equipment with down payment, considering inflation.
  • To grant an allowance in occasion of recurring appropriation of our purifying equipment or acquisition of several purifying plants at once.
  • To meet all your wishes and standards of your Company, including automation and monitoring of abrading processes. We use only modern controllers and gas analyzers. It's possible to use imported utilities.
  • To collaborate with educational and project organizations and to inform them about our technologies (without uncovering our "know-how").
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